Frequently asked questions

What can I do with an exceptional dimension?

If your photo doesn’t fit to the dimensions we offer, we willingly produce a special dimension for you! You can find an application form in our domain “Dimensions and Prices”. Furthermore you can request the production of a special dimension during the order transaction; insofar your dimension doesn’t match with the standard.

What happens, if I produce an exceptional dimension as a standard dimension?

If you however should decide to choose one of our standard dimensions, we will automatically propose you dimensions, which soonest match with yours. Please consider that in this case your picture will have to be trimmed.

How do I upload a photo?

Please click on “Order” in the navigation; here you’re able to upload your photo to our server.

Where can I find the forwarding charges?

You can find the forwarding charges for every picture size in the price table in the menu item “Prices and Dimensions”

In which size are the canvas prints being produced?

After uploading an automatic photo processing takes place. The uploaded picture will be printed 1 inch larger on each side in order to fasten the canvas on the rear side of the stretcher. On each side the last pixel of the image is being streched in length. For example: A canvas print of the 12" x 8" in size will be produced in 13" x 9". This way we can insure that the uploaded picture will be fully visible on the front page after mounting on the frame without a bleed.

When is my booking in effect?

We’re not till then able to deal with your ordering, before you’ve declared your payment method at the end of the order transaction and clicked on “book binding” - you will then receive a confirmation of your ordering via email, only now your booking is in effect.

Which resolution of a digital camera suite the best for a photo canvas?

In order to receive a satisfying result the resolution of your digital camera should have not less than 4 megapixels. If you send us a photo with a resolution of 2 megapixels, we’re still able to transact your picture into lesser dimensions with good quality.

Which file format fits for the production?

We’re only able to deal with the file format “JPG” in producing photo canvas. Please check, if your file complies with this format before uploading.

How long does it take, until I receive my photo canvas?

After receipt of payment your order will be prepared for shipment within a few days.

I want to donate my photo canvas and send it directly to the presentee. Is this possible?

This is naturally possible. At the end of the order transaction you’re able to declare an abnormal delivery address. The bill, of course, is still advanced to you.

Am I able to have several copies of my picture made?

You can have an unlimited number of your photo made, needless to say in different dimensions. After uploading your photo you’re free to choose amounts and dimensions.

What happens to my facts?

We save your facts only for order and delivery clearing reasons - your facts are not relayed to a third party.

What should I do in case of damages in transit?

If your photo canvas should be damaged despite all due care and attention, please inform the consigning driver immediately. Ideally you document the damage with a digital camera as well and get in touch with us. Please disclose us the damage promptly, so that the damage can be replaced. Every consignment is assured.

Which material does the photo canvas consist of?

The canvas consists of cotton in large part and allows brilliant color and printing quality, as well as long durability. For the stretcher frame we use exclusively high-class fir wood, which is specifically finished.

How is the canvas affixed on the frame?

The Canvas is clamped on the stretcher frame and cramped on the back. Thus the motive is drawn over the edges, so that the picture can be hung up without framing. A plain building instruction with figures helps you with clamping; the shipment also contains cotters, which stabilize the stretcher frame in the corners.

How is the quality of print?

Your photo is printed on high-class art canvas with special colors, which are warranted 70 years lightfast. This leads to brilliant colors and enables the reproduction of finest details on according presentation.

How long does the consignment take?

After receipt of payment your order will be prepared for shipment.

Does cargo insurance exist?

Yes, every article leaving our dispatch stock is assured during itinerary. That means that all damages caused through transport are replaced.

Which service provider adopts the consignment of my order?

We consign with FedEx by default.

Why can I only choose the 12" x 8" dimension after uploading my photo?

After uploading your photo to our server, our system is checking which dimensions are suitable for your photo. The crucial factor for this purpose is the resolution of your photo, so that we can guarantee you a high-class result. In order to choose bigger dimensions, you have to upload a file with a higher resolution.

After uploading my picture I receive the advice “invalid format”. Which mistakes do I make?

There’re two reasons for the advice for invalid format:
Your uploaded file is not a “jpg” file. Please check your type of file and if necessary use a picture processing program to transform it into the right type of file
The filename of your photo contains special signs like points, commas, spaces, etc. Please rename your file before uploading, so that the filename is free of these signs.

What is your return policy?

daabadoo.com stands behind all of our products. In the event there is a problem with the order due to our error, please email us within 7 days of receipt so we can resolve the situation right away. Please report all damage claims within 48 hours.If there is noticeable damage to the package please have the driver note it on the bill of lading (for freight shipments) and ask for a copy. (not required for FED EX UPS\USPS shipments). For damaged ups/fed ex shipments. Please do not refuse the shipment. Simply sign for it and email us a description of the damage. We will replace the damaged goods as soon as possible. Please do not file a claim with ups/fed ex . We will do all that for you. We will make every effort to send you a replacement order as soon as possible. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the merchandise purchased you may return it for store credit . Refunds are not allowed. You must notify us by email and wait for our return approval number before shipping the goods back to us. custom prints can not be returned-Those items are made specially for you and cannot be resold. Once an order is submitted it cannot be cancelled.In most cases it is possible to modify an existing order (just as long as no custom items were made at that point). The customer is responsible for all shipping charges unless it was our shipping error. All unsolicited returns will be declined.